My future plan paragraph

My future plan paragraph

My future plan 250 Words

My future plan paragraph: Secondly, I have to try my best in my job. It is necessary for me to become the head of my department. Only if I become the head, I have many chances to involve in the political party. In my job, I will express my perseverance, creative thought, mature attitude, and plans for my country to the Senior Officials in order to get promoted step by step. As the last step, I will involve in the political party after I have retired from my government job. I will try to be the minister as much as I can with all of my ability.

It is the last step of my life aim and as well as the time to decide whether my life aim is successful or not. If I won’t succeed in the last step, all I try is like pouring water into the sand. Therefore I will express my ability to make the best better at that time. In life, a man who doesn’t have a life aim looks like a dead man. He has nothing to do, passes his time without noticing anything, and doesn’t have the happiness of feeling victory. As for me, I have succeeded in some steps of my life plan. However, it is still necessary for me to try the three steps. If I succeed in the remaining steps, I firmly believe that I become a minister of agriculture in the future.

My future plan paragraph

Question: What are your future plans paragraph?

How do I write my future plan?

What is your future plan in life?

That means future plan?


Answer: My future plan paragraph Introduction: Every man has an aim in life. A man without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. A man cannot succeed in life without it. A fixed aim helps a man to succeed in life.

My aim in life: Different men have different aims in life. Some want to be high officials or scholars or poets etc. Someone wants to be a doctor or an engineer or a teacher. I am a student in class X. I have a definite aim in my life. My life aims to become a doctor and serve the poor villagers. My father who is a doctor always inspires me to be a doctor like him.

Reasons for my choice: The reason for my so choice is that most of the people in our village are poor and illiterate. Good doctors are not available in the villages. So the villagers do not get help and advice from a good doctor. They suffer from many diseases and often die a premature death. By observing their miseries, my heart is filled with profound grief. I want to serve them by providing them with proper treatment. Therefore, I have decided to be a doctor.

My preparation and promise: After passing the S.S.C examination I shall get myself admitted into l Adhyapak Abdul Majid College. After passing the H.S.C examination, I shall get myself admitted into a Medical College for M.B.B.S. After completing??.B.S, l shall return to my village and serve the villagers. I shall take no fee from the poor. I shall set up a charitable dispensary in my village if I can earn enough money.

Conclusion: Success in life depends largely upon the right choice of profession. So when making such a choice, we should think about our liking and abilities and the urge to do something for humanity.

Composition of my future plan of life 

My future plan paragraph

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My future Plan 300 Words

Everybody has an aim at least, and also lays down the plans for their future. A man must have an aim. If a man doesn’t have an aim, he looks like a foreigner without a travel guide. The places he wants to go to can’t arrive in a short time. Even if he luckily arrives, he doesn’t know that the place is where he wants. He also takes a long time and sometimes trouble. If a foreigner has a travel guide, he can easily go everywhere he wants. He can plan the trip, prepare food, drink, and snack, and hire the bus and taxi. Therefore, if a man has an aim, he is like a foreigner with a travel guide. He can plan his life and prepare for his future.

Exactly speaking, if a man has an aim, he has a plan for his future. Unlike other people, I have many ambitions in my life. When I was a young boy, I wanted to marry the lady I love before I was 30 years old. My dream came true. After I had graduated with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from Yezin Agricultural University, I had wish, which is that I wanted to continue my education until my M.Sc and Ph.D. degree. My wish has come true. I am now attending my master’s degree.

The two successful aims are the parts of my plan. Behind the two aims, I want to become a minister of agriculture. To become a minister, I still need to do some plans successfully. I need to achieve a Ph.D. degree, be a Director General of Agriculture, and also to involve in the political party. To achieve my life ambition, I have a good plan. Firstly, as in my plan, I have to try to get an opportunity for a Ph.D. degree.

I will search for the scholarship and the university on the internet after accomplishing this Master’s degree. If I can’t get a Ph.D. degree from another country, I will attend the Ph.D. degree in my country. I feel confident that I will get the Ph.D. degree before I will be 40 of age.

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