A Football Match That I Witnessed

A Football Match That I Witnessed

A Football Match That I Witnessed Of all the outdoor games I like the football game most. So is an English game. The game is full of excitement and thrills. So, young and middle-aged people eagerly wait to witness a competitive game. I witnessed a competitive football match on the 12th of this month. It was played between our school football Team and the Best Eleven in our town. It was held in the Chandpur Stadium.

My interest in football as a game: The game of football is an international game. It is played on a big and open field. A large number of people can enjoy the game. The game is full of excitement. The duration and cooperation of the game are not long. Otherwise, it teaches us discipline and cooperation. For all these reasons I have been interested in football since my childhood.

How the match began: The minutes before the match started, the players of both teams entered the field. The referee called the players and the managers of the team. Then they were introduced to the chief guest. Then they tossed up the coin. Our School team won the toss. The players took their respective positions. The referee blew the whistle and the ball was kicked off.

Now the players of both teams went into action. The game in the first half: In the first half of the game both sides made several attacks but to no purpose. It was a very tough fight. Nobody knew which team would win. The game in the second half: In the second half both sides made several concerted moves.

But the defender of each side failed the attacks of the other The game reached the most critical point. Anything might happen at any moment. Only one minute remained Luck favored Our School Team. The center-forward player took a nice pass from the right winger and netted the ball. There were wild cheers and claps all around All of a sudden, the time was over.

Conclusion: I mean it was a well-played match. All the teachers and students enjoyed the game. I shall remember it forever.

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A Cyclone

When a storm revolver violently rounds a center, it is termed a cyclone. It moves at a high speed ranging from forty to one hundred or more kilometers per hour. A cyclone may occur at any time and any place. The violent rounded. Violent types of cyclones usually hit the tropics.

The cyclone of Bangladesh generally originates from the bay –of- Bengal, and blows toward that land. It is often accompanied by thunders and heavy showers. Before a cyclone commences unbearable heat is felt for a few days. Then suddenly one day the sky becomes dark with clouds and strong winds begin to blow with flashes of lightning and the rumbling of thunders.

Thus a terrible situation is created that lasts for a few hours. It causes great havoc. A lot of people and other animals die. Dwelling houses are blown away. The tidal bore and the heavy showers wash away the stores of foodstuff and leave marks of terrible damage.

The cyclone is usually followed by the scarcity of food and an outbreak of various diseases such as cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, fever, etc. which spread all over the affected areas. However, the great loss caused by cyclones can be reduced to a substantial extent.

Using modern technologies of the weather forecast, a prior warning can be given to the people who are likely to be affected by the cyclone. Quick relief, medical treatment, and essential medicines should be made available to the affected people just after a terrible cyclone.

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